The Sins of Meghan’s Father

Meghan McCain, the daughter of former Senator John McCain, was all over my newsfeeds last week due to her tearing up on The View over anti-Semitism and her major disagreement with Congresswomen Ilhan Omar’s choices on rhetoric when it comes to Israel and Jewish lobbying groups.

Of course, this provided a major platform for everyone to throw their two cents around about whether or not her emotional moment was justified, if she was coming down on the right side of the issue, if she was hamming up faux emotions for the cameras, etc.

I won’t address that here.

What I will address is something quite different that many seem to be glossing over.

Lots of people who disagree with Meghan McCain on this issue, and view her self-professed anti-bigotry stance as hypocritical, seem to think it is a completely valid point against her credibility to bring up negatives about her father.

One highly shared example of this comes from journalist Mehdi Hasan, which you can see below. Only about 7 hours or less after it was published, Ilhan Omar re-tweeted it.